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   Shape the Future.


Futureform lab is a design and innovation studio with a focus on emerging technology and innovation. 

Futureform focus on research, design and develop complex digital products for startups and enterprises. Currently the team is deep into Web3AI, robotics and the domain of educational tech.



The Focus



User Experience

Data, Insights &


We are technologists at heart, and we dig deep into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics. We believe design will make the technology more relevant.  

We strive to help business organizations make better decisions through research, data science and analysis as well as rapid prototyping.

As UX professionals by practice and User Centred Design (UCD) process lies within our DNA. As a result we are obsessed with polishing great product and service user experiences. 

Key Principles

We do our works by rules and principles, and the selected few are what guides our business and creative practice.

1. We treat design and technology as one thing.

2. We believe design will shape the future of technology.

3. We believe design will shape the future of good business.

4. We help business grow and innovate.

5. We treat clients as trusted partners and collaborators.

Work with us ?

Working on something awesome?  Be in touch and we'd love to hear more about it. 

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